Copywriting for Websites

Your business is special

There is a reason why people deal with you and your business.

Uncovering and developing that message (your value proposition) through the interview process and research is what the OTR Web copywriters expand on and write for your website. What are the key phrases that describe your business and more importantly, what are the key phrases that searchers are looking for on the search engines. Integrating these key phrases into readable and logical copy is critical not only to SEO but also to your readers.

For example, writing a series of key phrases about SEO Web Copy, SEO Search Engine, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Company, Copywriter and Copywriting and placing all in one sentence looks a bit strange and does not read well at all to your clients. However stating that OTR Web has a team of professional website copywriters that understand SEO, key phrase research and search engine optimization reads a lot better and works for the SEO requirements of search engines … and your website readers.


Content Marketing

Regular new content for your website is critical to its overall success in search. The more fresh content on your website that you have will make it exponentially more visible to the search engines. Creating content that pulls the reader to your website is effective copy. The OTR Web team is extremely adept at writing content that attracts visitors. Authoritative industry articles that place your company in the forefront is content upon which search engines thrive.


Search Engine Copywriters

When you contract OTR Web the web development team begins the processes of building an effective website for your business. The copywriters research your business and interview your key personnel to understand what makes your business special to you and your clients. Your passion about your business and how you serve your clients are your brand. Delivering that message within your webpage's is what the OTR Web copywriters deliver.

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