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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital part in the overall web development processes.

A Web Designer can build a site that looks good, but if your website cannot be found on the search engines then you have a problem. It is important that your website be found by the people who are searching for specific key phrases that are relevant to your website and location.

Organic or natural SEO starts with properly designed website architecture, logical navigation search engines and people can follow, combined with in-depth research of relevant key phrases. Using a proven effective interview process, our OTR professional copywriters will determine the unique values and business messages of your company and then write market ready compelling copy for your website.


Social Media Campaigns

SEO is further enhanced by a well-planned Social Media Marketing Campaign making effective use of social media tools such as online blogs/articles, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The OTR Web Development team makes use of a Social Media Control Panel to process aspects of your business Social Media campaign in a well thought-out planned manner and handling in-house your entire Social Media campaign, including the writing of blog articles, Tweets and Status updates.


Strategic Articles

Regular fresh content is paramount to the SEO success of your website. Industry articles that reinforce that your company is a thought leader and as such attracts web visitors by incorporating the key phrases that pertain to your business. Calls To Action that direct the web visitor to a specific Landing Page all work together to make your website effective.


SEO Analysis

Each page of your website must have purpose or goal and a call to action. The call to action might be to go to another information page or to go to your contact page or to begin the purchase cycle. Whatever the goal for the page might be, analytics is what we use to determine the path of your reader. If the reader "bounces" or in plainer terms, leaves the page before the desired action we have determined, then we can do A/B testing to see how we can improve the outcome.

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